Homeland: Presumed Dead

Difficulty level:Advanced

Homeland: Presumed Dead

CIA agent Carrie Mathison attends a briefing about the return of a missing soldier from Iraq, who had been presumed dead for several years.

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Homeland: Presumed Dead


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Genesis tkd's picture
Genesis tkd Offline 1 year 51 weeks ago


marinagallo's picture
marinagallo Offline 1 year 52 weeks ago

it doesnt work after phase 3.....

Luiz Alberto Zaffani's picture
Luiz Alberto Zaffani Offline 2 years 1 day ago

Same problem here!!

D@ni Agred00's picture
D@ni Agred00 Offline 2 years 2 days ago

:) very good¡¡¡¡

Ferchita's picture
Ferchita Offline 2 years 2 days ago


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toshan Offline 2 years 3 days ago

Question 5 is empty in the third part of the booster and it's impossible to go to the fourth part :(

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julia08 Offline 2 years 3 days ago

oh oh, there's a little problem with this video!!

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pep34 Offline 2 years 3 days ago

There's something wrong when you want to pass to the part 4

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THOMAS SLOANE Offline 2 years 3 days ago

There's a pesky technical problem that makes it impossible to pass to the fourth part.

Littlemargot's picture
Littlemargot Offline 2 years 3 days ago

Technical problem in the fourth part!

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green metal Offline 2 years 3 days ago

encountered the same problem as Jerry Yu. Pity ! I was having fun...

Jerry Yu's picture
Jerry Yu Offline 2 years 3 days ago

got stuck in the third section,cant get to the fourth due to some techiquecal problem..

melissa meza's picture
melissa meza Offline 2 years 4 days ago

is good